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I’ve been getting many questions about whole30 and why I’m doing it. Everyone has their own reasons for doing a whole30 and I realize that it can seem strange to people who have never heard of it before. Most people assume that whole30 is a weight loss challenge. I think for some people it may be, but that is not what it was created for. I think my friends and family are confused and concerned because I am already thin, so why would I do a diet challenge? 

For 30 days I am going to remove any potentially harmful foods from my diet, allow my body and gut to heal, and then reintroduce those foods one by one and see how my body reacts to them. 
I have experienced acne my entire life and never even considered food as the cause before, It may not be, but whole30 is going to give me an opportunity to find out. I have also experienced tummy issues my entire life. For a long time I carried pepto in my purse everywhere I went because I never knew how my stomach would feel after I ate something. Never did I think to alter my diet to get rid of tummy aches, I just continued to eat junk and then take medicine if it upset my stomach. How silly is that? Doing a whole 30 challenge will help pinpoint which specific foods don’t agree with me and I think that is pretty awesome! 

So here’s the deal:

Basically you only eat whole foods for 30 days. It is like a super strict version of paleo. You can eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar and no paleo baked goods, even if all of the ingredients are “whole30” and no alcohol. Sounds boring, I know, but so far everything we have eaten has been delicious.  I have made about 11 brand new recipes so far and some of them I will continue to make long after my whole30 is over. I am not feeling hungry or deprived. In fact, I feel full and healthy.

I attempted to do a whole20 in September of last year and it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t really see or feel the changes that I expected, but I felt pretty good. Now I realize that I really didn’t know enough about the program to understand why it’s important to do a full 30 days. I also didn’t know all of the health benefits of eating only whole foods for 30 days. I kinda winged it for 20 days and I then I went right back to what I was doing before. I didn’t know the true “spirit of whole 30.”

This time around I have the whole 30 book. I’ve read all of it and now I get it. 

The book is loaded with information and delicious recipes. There’s even a 7 day meal plan that if you really wanted to, you could copy completely and repeat it for 4 weeks. So simple.

I highly reccomend if you are even a little bit interested you should get the book. Even if you don’t commit, you’ll have a book of new delicious recipes that you can make whenever you want. There’s no weird or hard to find ingredients either!

 The hardest part for me so far is eating out. I’m actually kinda terrified to eat out because I don’t want to accidently eat something that is not compliant and have to start over. Luckily, the book covers this subject too. Lots of helpful tips and specific scenarios are discussed.

One of the pages that I found very interesting is one they called “non scale victories” the list of potential benefits was two pages long! You could experience better sleep, whiter teeth, thicker hair, clearer skin, better moods, more energy, less stomach pain, less constipation, less diarrhea, and maybe even weight loss just by eating whole delicious food for just 30 days. 

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?!?!

So this, in a nutshell is my “why” 

Today is day 12 and I am almost halfway done with my challenge. I am looking forward to seeing what the next couple weeks has in store for me and then on day 31 I will celebrate! 🙂

Unfortunetly tonight I did not prepare to share a recipe with you. Sorry! I will make it up to you on my next post! 

I do hope that this post answers some questions and eased some concerns and maybe even inspired some of you.  🙂 

Have a wonderful week! 

Photo of some potential benefits 

 Photo of my first 5 nights of whole 30 dinners