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Tree hugger (paleo friendly products)

I’m not sure why I haven’t been blogging….I could talk about food and recipes and products all day long so why don’t I take the time to type it out??? Who knows!

Anyway, today I am sitting here thinking about how many companies are getting on board with healthier products. There are so many new paleo-friendly goodies out there now. It’s so awesome!

 I’ve been on my paleo journey almost three years now. It gets easier and easier as more products become available. I think more and more people are seeing the importance of eating healthy, and using healthier, more eco friendly products.

When I was younger I thought it was so weird to be the “healthy, tree hugger, granola, grow-your-own food” person, but as I’m getting older, and learning more about a healthy lifestyle, I’m kinda becoming that person, and I love it. Weird is the new cool! Plus, having a garden and chickens is awesome!! 

So now, I shop at “Whole Foods” type stores, have backyard chickens, attempt to grow my own food in a small backyard garden,use natural deodorant and sugarless toothpaste. And I’ve never felt better! Those tree huggers were right all along!

Unfortunetly, I don’t have an actual Whole Foods anywhere near me. In fact, I have to drive over an hour to get to one, so I have to hunt a little more for the goods. My go-to stores locally are Sprouts and Trader Joe’s. The combo of the two are almost as good as a Whole Foods. I have found a lot of great things in these two stores!

I have a ton of must haves and could probably go on all day, but here are some of my favorites:

Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Great on pretty much everything, but my personal favorites are eggs, potatoes, avocado toast, cauliflower rice and as a salad topper. 

This is the riced cauliflower that I buy. All you do is warm it in a pan with a little ghee or olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and garlic if you want. Super simple! I bought the riced broccoli too but not quite sure what to do with it yet. Maybe a broccoli cauliflower combo fried rice type dish would be good?! I’ll have to invent that one for ya. Stay tuned! 

Oh boy, this one is the newest addition to my staples. Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut butter. Just Nuts and salt. It’s great in smoothies, cookies, in noatmeal, on a banana or strawberries or on top of chocolate! Yum! 

Trader Joe’s also started carrying RXBar in a couple flavors. They are a great price too. Cheaper than anywhere else that I’ve ever seen. My location always has blueberry and the coconut flavor. TJs started carrying these awesome Chomps snack sticks recently too. I always have these in my pantry because they are super clean and junk free. A perfect little protein snack. I pack them in my little paleojr’s lunch bag, and throw one in my purse when I go on road trips.

Sprouts has this Coconut Matcha water. It is so yummy and sweet with some caffeine from the Matcha. Sometimes they have the coco aloe flavor too. Both are amazing. And it’s nice to have caffeinated and non caffeinated choices. 

Sprouts also has a pretty good selection of LaCroix sparkling waters. We usually have 2-3 flavors in our pantry at all times. Sometimes you just need a carbonated drink, and this one is guilt free! 

Since we are on the subject of beverages, this rebel kitchen chocolate coconut milk is like a healthier version of nestle quick. Wow! Awesome in a smoothie or alone. I try not to buy these too often because they are quite sweet (from date syrup) but what a treat! I made a chocolate, banana, mixednut butter smoothie with this last night. Yummy!!

I rarely need or eat mayo, but once in a while a paleo recipe will call for it, and if you don’t have time to make your own, this Chosen Foods Mayo is made with avocado oil and no sugar so it’s paleo friendly. I’m happy that Sprouts carries it. 

My last item for today is these frozen grass-fed burgers from Trader Joe’s. They have been a life saver so many times. I always have a pack or two in my freezer. If we forget to plan a meal or have a change of plans these can be pan cooked still mostly frozen. Lettuce wrapped with a yolky egg on top is the best!! They also make a spicy chicken version that my family loves too. They are a little pricey, but really nice to have when you’re in a pinch. 

So, sorry, I don’t really have a recipe for you guys this time. I am excited to create one with the riced broccoli though. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to do a little experimenting! And then I’ll have another great reason to get on here and blog about it! Have a great day!! Get out and hug some trees!!