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Another Whole 30 (plus 2 recipes!)

Hello friends! I’m back! Right now my husband and I are on our 18th day of Whole30. If you don’t know, whole 30 is a 30 day elimination diet where you completely remove all forms of sugar (except from fruit) all alcohol, all grains, all dairy and all legumes from your diet. After 30 Days you go through a reintroduction process to test each food category one by one to see how your body reacts to each group. Once you’ve reintroduced the foods that you want in your diet, you can decide if they are “worth it” for you. Some people have acne caused by diary, or digestive issues from grains and/or gluten. Some people have behavioral reactions to certain food groups, and some just make you feel overall yucky. 

During the 30 Days you eat lots of veggies, meat, healthy fats, some fruit and nuts and seeds. No baked goods, even if ingredients are compliant and no weighing yourself. Sounds crazy, huh? 

Well, this is my 4th round of whole 30 in the past 3 years and I’ve gotta say it gets easier every single time. You might be wondering why I’ve done this 4 times, and the answer is to reset and refocus myself back into healthy choices, and also, when I do whole30 I feel GREAT and I sleep GREAT and it’s just overall GREAT. (Once you get past the hard part, which is the first week) 

The program wasn’t designed for weight loss, but most people do lose weight while doing it. I think it was really designed to break the cycle of eating high sugar, high carb, processed foods that make you sick (literally and figuratively) and to give you Food Freedom. As Americans we are literally addicted to unhealthy foods. 

If you are interested in more information check out or whole30 on Facebook and Instagram. There’s also books called: It Starts With Food, Whole30 (book/cookbook) and The Whole30 Cookbook. All have great recipes, tips and tricks and explanations about why certain food groups may be causing you more harm then good and you might not even know.

So, this round of whole 30 I am completely obsessed with roasting sweet potatoes. They are so delicious and versatile. One of my absolute favorite dishes is chicken meatballs from the first whole30 cookbook. And one of the easiest but also completely delicious meals is Chicken Bacon Rice Bowls from 

Here’s the link to her page👇🏼

I also love Chicken Sweet Potato Hash from @vanessa_eats_clean_food 👇🏼

This one is super simple too. Just mix the spices together in a small dish. Add about a tablespoon of coconut or avocado oil to a pan. Cook chicken with some salt and half the spice mix until cooked through. Remove chicken and set aside. Add another tablespoon or so of oil to the pan and cook the potato and onion in the rest of the spices. Once potatoes are soft and onions translucent, add chicken back to pan until warmed through. Serve in a bowl topped with avocado, cilantro and even a fried egg if you like. (I personally LOVE this with a yolky egg on top!)
So there’s two healthy simple recipes for ya! I’m pretty sure I’ve shared both of these before, because they are just sooo good. 

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!