Busy Bee (with tips and tricks)

Wow! Things sure have been busy around here! The days between Halloween and thanksgiving just flew by! I’m way overdue for a blog session, My house is a MESS, my Christmas tree is half decorated, and I can’t remember the last time I cooked a full meal.

The holidays are always a little crazy for me. My work schedule gets nuts working retail, and it seems like every evening there is something going on.
I think most people fall off track a little this time of year. My cooking routine was definitely interrupted, but I made it through Thanksgiving on track with paleo which was awesome.
My sweet sister made a paleo yam casserole that was delicious, and I made my favorite side dish , roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, and some paleo pumpkin cookies with coconut whip cream for dessert. All of which helped me from falling off the wagon.

Today I’ve decided that instead of posting a recipe I’m just going to simplify and give you a few of my favorite simple paleo tips.

First, my favorite staples in my pantry are:
Almond, Coconut, and Tapioca flour
Unsweetened cacao powder
Enjoy life mini chocolate chips
Pitted dates
Coconut sugar
Canned coconut cream and milk
Shredded unsweetened coconut
Raw honey
Vanilla extract
Pink sea salt

My favorite snacks are:
Bananas dipped in creamy almond butter
Sliced avacado with a little salt or crumbled bacon
Trader Joes fruit bars (2 ingredients)
Hard boiled eggs
Dang coconut chips (sea salt caramel)

My absolute favorite kitchen tools:
My food processor (I felt like such a grown up when I bought it. It saves SO much time! Don’t know how I lived without it!)
Parchment paper (never used it before paleo, but it is AWESOME when I bake cookies!)
Julienne peeler (great for zucchini “noodles”)

My new found love:
Fresh eggs
Since I cook and bake almost all of our food, I go through eggs like never before.
I have a good friend that has chickens and she gives me fresh eggs. They are so delicious.
If you ever have the opportunity to have farm fresh eggs, or raise your own chickens, I highly reccommend it. Fresh eggs taste so good and have almost a creamy flavor. You’ll never want a store bought egg again. They are beautiful, and I’m hooked! Yum yum!