Let’s Talk (healthier “treats”)

Something I’d really like to talk about is PERFECTION and GUILT.

When it comes to healthy eating I think many of us put really strict (unreasonable) rules on ourselves. Our expectations are perfection. Never falling off track, never having a treat. Many of us have an all or nothing attitude. When we fall short of perfection our guilt creeps in and creates a huge mess.

I’ve heard many people say things like “Well I screwed up at breakfast and ate off plan so my entire day is ruined.” Or “I’ll start over tomorrow.” Or “I’m so bad, I ate (fill in the blank) today.” Or “I’m going to have a cheat day.” Or “I just blew my diet so I’m going to eat whatever I want today.” It’s such a strange relationship many of us have with food.

We beat ourselves up over these little slip ups and then punish ourselves by either jumping completely off the wagon, or putting even more rules on ourselves. Or worse, just not eating at all.

I’ve learned over the past 4 years that while eating healthy all the time is best case scenario, it’s not realistic. Life is also about balance. Why does a slip up mean an entire day is ruined? Why do we need an ENTIRE day to “cheat”??? And if we choose to have a “cheat” why do we feel guilty about it afterward?

I’m not saying eat a salad for lunch and an entire box of Oreos for dessert. Or a box of donuts or an entire pizza. And treats should be just that, a treat. Not something that you have every day with every meal. That’s not reasonable either. But there are healthy “treats” out there, and healthier options. And occassionaly, I think it’s okay to have some.

*Here’s my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Primal Palate sweetened with maple syrup and made with almond flour instead of bleached flour


I don’t blog often, and honestly, I’m not even sure if anyone even reads my blog, but if you do, and you are choosing a healthy lifestyle, please don’t plan for perfection. Please be kind to yourself and take baby steps if you need to. Realize that a healthy lifestyle is a continuous journey, not a destination. One foot in front of the other. If you slip up, just get back up and try again.

I say this all the time, but If you eat something off plan, just make better choices at your next meal.

Every meal is an opportunity to feel better. Use your opportunities wisely.

Some healthier treats:

I really enjoy a sliced banana or dried banana chips with almond butter

A couple pieces of a dark chocolate bar (72% cacao or higher) Theo Chocolates are great!


Coconut whipped cream with fruit

An occasional paleo baked good (banana sweetened muffins, almond flour cookies or Simple Mills brand cake or cookie mix)

A fruit crisp with paleo friendly topping

A Hail Merry tart (I eat half because these babies are rich and delicious!)

Hopefully some of these ideas help you treat yourself without so much guilt! ♥️

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