I guess I should start off with a little history about myself so that you understand how huge this is for me.
When it came to protien I pretty much only ate chicken and turkey. Occasionally I would eat beef, but I never, ever ordered a steak at a restaurant. I never cooked pork. Especially not bacon. But after I had my son 7 years ago I decided that pork wasn’t all that bad, and every once in a while I would make a pork roast.
Fast forward to now. I am totally enjoying eating Paleo. It is awesome. I am very inspired, and I have been educating myself about healthy choices. I have been trying to branch out a little and try different foods because they are healthy.
A few weeks ago my husband asked me if I’d be willing to try bison. My first thought was “no way!” But I decided that that is what the old me would have said. The new paleo me would say “it is such a healthy alternative to beef, I should give it a try”

So here are a couple facts about a 3oz portion of grass fed meat:
152 calories for bison vs 184 calories for beef
7 grams of fat in bison vs 10 grams of fat in beef
Most ground bison is at least 90% lean
Not huge differences, but differences.
One last fact is that the bison burger I ate tasted great!!

I did not make the burger, so I do not have an exact recipe, but here’s what I know.
My husband mixed the ground bison with ground sausage. He added chopped onion and some spices. You can season it just like beef.
Instead of a bun he used a large mushroom cap. Then he bbq’d them with some bacon on top.
We served them with a green salad and home made sweet potatoe fries.
It was delicious! Even our son loved them!
Not all stores carry bison. I’ve seen it at Sprouts and Grocery Outlet so far. The only downside is the price is higher than beef, but once in a while I guess it’s not so bad to splurge.
So, go get some, give it a try, and let me know what you think!
When it comes to adventure, I’m usually not so open to it, but this time it paid off! Yum!

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