The Joys of Moving (Mexican breakfast bowls)

We have moved a total of, I think, 7 times, in 15 years. To me personally, that is a lot. To some, maybe not.
This time it’s been so crazy moving. I almost feel numb to the whole thing.
It has definitely kept me busy the last few weeks, and I have hardly had time to cook, let alone blog… Anyway one of my favorite meals I’ve made this week was breakfast for dinner. Normally I would just cook some bacon and scramble some eggs, but this time I went all out. Lol.
I made breakfast bowls.
I started with a layer of fried (in coconut oil) shredded sweet potato. Then scrambled eggs. Then I added some left over grilled chicken, that was a bit dry, so I simmered it in salsa, water, olive oil, and fresh squeezed lime juice. Then I sliced some avacado on top.
It was soooo yummy! My hubby and paleojr ate it up!
Any leftover meat can be simmered this way. I’ve done pork and beef just like this. It’s also really good inside a Paleo tortilla as a taco. Or on a salad like a taco salad.
Just look for a salsa with all natural ingredients. No added sugar or chemicals.
Here’s a photo of our Mexican Breakfast Bowl Dinner. I shredded the sweet potato with a vegetable peeler right into the oil. Super easy! Enjoy!



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